Surf Snowdonia, Conwy


An innovative £12 million pound inland surf park has been designed on the site of a former aluminium works in Conwy, north Wales.  Tyler Grange undertook a suite of ecology surveys which identified the presence of priority woodland habitat, an exceptional population of slow worms and a structure used by roosting lesser horseshoe bats.  


Tyler Grange provided input to the design to ensure that ecological mitigation and enhancement were provided appropriately.


Work inputs were undertaken alongside Planit-IE, NJL Planning Consultants and WCP Associates (project management).  Tyler Grange produced an ecology chapter for the Environmental Statement as part of the planning process; and, also undertook mitigation including the translocation of over 500 slow worms; and, enhancements to improve the value of the site for lesser horseshoe bats.


The planning application was successful and construction work began in April 2014.






SCHEME / LOCATION: Surf Snowdonia, Conwy


CLIENT: Conwy Adventure Leisure Limited




PARTNERS / OTHER CONSULTANTS INVOLVED: Planit-IE / NJL Planning Consultants / WCP Associates 


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