Our team of experienced landscape architects provides advice in relation to all aspects of landscape planning; from initial site appraisal, through the preparation of Landscape/Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments (L/TVIA) to the presentation of landscape evidence at public inquiries.


Applied understanding of landscape planning issues is an increasingly important component of the planning process throughout the UK; and, Tyler Grange offers commercial solutions that respond to site specific circumstances as well as ensuring compliance with national and local planning policy, supplementary planning information and the aspirations of our clients.


All of our landscape consultants are members of the Landscape Institute (LI), working in accordance with the professional Code of Conduct.


Work outputs include:


  • Preliminary Opportunities and Constraints Mapping (Feasibility Studies)

  • Landscape and Visual Appraisals

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments

  • Townscape and Visual Impact Assessments (including Tall Building Assessments)

  • Green Infrastructure Strategies 

  • Landscape Strategies and Landscape Masterplans 

  • Planting Plans and Detailed Design

  • Landscape Management Plans

  • Critique of Policy, Technical Information and Other Professional Reports

  • Expert Witness

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