SCHEME / LOCATION: Castleford, West Yorkshire


CLIENT: Lateral Property Group 


TG SERVICES: Landscape




Five Towns Park,



Tyler Grange produced a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment as a Chapter for an Environmental Statement for the proposed development of an area of Green Belt to the north of the M62 motorway in Castleford, West Yorkshire. 


The proposals comprised a new 10,000 capacity sports stadium for Castleford Tigers RLFC, approximately 53,000 sq. m of retail floor space, a new County Park, and included substantial land remodelling, structure planting and Sustainable Urban Drainage features. 


Whilst the site occupies sloping land with some sense of openness with an Ancient Woodland to the north, Tyler Grange established that there are frequent visual references to urban influences which assist the site in being capable of accommodating development of the nature proposed. 


Effective mitigation was designed into the proposals including the creation of new public open space, the provision of screening structure planting and landforms, and the planting of structure planting in advance of the construction of the stadium and retail development, all of which would ensure the development does not cause substantial harm to the amenity of the most sensitive receptors. 


The application was unanimously approved at planning committee in February 2015 and has been referred to the National Planning Casework Unit.





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