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SCHEME / LOCATION: Dobwalls, Liskeard, Cornwall


CLIENT: Wainhomes (South West) Holdings Ltd


TG SERVICES: Landscape and Ecology


PARTNERS / OTHER CONSULTANTS INVOLVED: Woodward Smith Chartered Architects

Dobwalls, Liskeard



The site is located to the south east of Dobwalls in Cornwall and consists of pasture land with no notable landscape features of more than local value. The site is not covered by any designations.


Tyler Grange produced the Landscape and Visual Appraisal and a Landscape Strategy for the site which formed part of a full planning application submitted by Wainhomes (South West) to Cornwall Council for the construction of 62 residential dwellings.  A conditional planning permission has been granted and Condition 8 requires the production of a Landscape and Ecology Management Plan for which Tyler Grange was instructed.


The landscape work includes the production of a detailed planting plan and specification to cover structural planting along the southern boundary which filters views into the proposed development from the south; the creation of approximately 120 metres of new native hedgerow to compensate for loss of hedgerow; the enhancement, by infill planting, of native species within the existing hedgebanks; street planting; ornamental hedge planting to define public and private spaces; planting of shrubs and ground cover to complement the built form; planting of selected native climbers to create green walls for wildlife; and provision of wildflower grassland specifically selected to encourage butterfly and moth species.


Other requirements under Condition 8 include strategically placing bird and bat boxes on buildings to increase nesting and roosting opportunities. These will help attract a number of species which are currently absent from the site and these boxes are located near foraging habitat away from predators. A five year management schedule was produced to satisfy the Council’s requirements.


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