Name: Katherine Bubb


How long have you been in the Cotswolds office for?

May 2014 – now, so over 4 years, having moved to our new Cotswolds location in August 2017.


What do you love about working in Cotswolds?

The team and the location. It feels like a supportive ‘work family’ often getting together for group lunches and cooking including pizzas from Harry’s Uuni pizza oven; pheasant curry, courtesy of our landlord and the estate; and washed down by our own beer TGA, brewed by TAP brewery on the Marsden Estate; and exploring our beautiful Cotswolds surrounds on lunch time walks, or runs (for some!).


Tell us about your office?

We have three converted farm buildings on the Marsden Estate giving us loads of space, and room to expand including meeting rooms, office space, a kitchen, social areas and showers to allow for muddy lunchtime explorations. And the highlight, our very own ‘cottage garden’ which ‘Project Marsden Garden’ have lovingly planted up this year with fruit and veg, herbs and wild flowers. We are looking forward to next season for things to further establish and provide more learning and eating opportunities.


What makes your office different from the others?

All the offices are different and have their own character and charms. The Cotswolds setting and garden are definitely our ‘charm’ providing us with close appreciation of the seasons – from deep snow in the winter bringing the wellies out!, bluebells and snowdrops in the surrounding woodland in the spring, garden parties in the summer and harvest in the autumn. Parking is a bonus too, although not without incident being next to an electric fence, for our neighbouring horses, and short spaces separated by grass, which proved difficult when our Manchester colleagues visited for our Ecology Team training day and found themselves ‘stuck in the mud’ – good team building! Although we aren’t spoilt for choice for lunch time shopping and eating opportunities like some others, we do have a smattering of lovely, local country pubs when we don’t feel like catering for ourselves.

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