Kyle Mellish



What discipline do you work in?



How long have you been at the Manchester office?

I joined TG in March 2017 so 18 months!


What do you love about working in Manchester?

The sociability. Want to go out after work? - the opportunity is right on your doorstep. A cheeky Friday afternoon blowout lunch? – just down the road. Brambles wrecked yet another shirt on a site visit? – Primark is just a couple of stops on the tram.

Tell us about your office

Our open style office allows everyone to contribute easily, whether on a challenging project or where we’re going for lunch. The mix of talented people from ecology, landscape, arboriculture and our fantastic admin staff who run the show ensure there’s always someone to answer your question or help with your project. The decorating isn’t too shabby either.


What makes your office different to the others?

Our office (though others may dispute this- they’re wrong) is definitely the most sociable, from table tennis tournaments at lunchtime to simple conversations over a cup of tea. Particularly in ecology, you spend a large amount of time in your colleagues lives – its not just a 9-5 job. The fact that you work in the field with a talented bunch of people, with a great support team to back you up, gives you the confidence to carry out your job wherever you might be in the country.


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