Name: Angelina Riley


What discipline do you work in?



What is your role at the company?

Operations Manager / PA to Partner


What position did you start at?

Office Manager / PA to Partner


How long have you worked for TG?

3 years and 3 months.


Have you always known this is what you wanted to do?

Not really, originally I wanted to be a veterinary nurse due to my love for animals, however this would of not of been the best career choice as I would have been taking all the strays home!

I started in administration after a two week work experience during my 5th year placement at a local construction firm.  I used this opportunity to learn new things and ask lots of questions. I was offered a role a couple of months later from leaving school.   Without realising I had found what I was really good at and what I really enjoyed doing (you have to enjoy what you do that’s really important).  Over the years my role as a Personal Assistant changed into a joint roles like Office Manager/PA and now in my current role as Operations Manager/PA.


What education / courses / training have you undertaken to get where you are now?


  • BTEC Diploma in Business and Finance

  • RSA Pitman Shorthand / Wording Processing

  • RSA Level 3 Business Administration

  • London Chamber of Commerce Private and Executive Secretarial Diploma

  • CITB CPD Diploma in Human Resources Practice Level 3


What do you enjoy most about working for TG?

Being surrounded by a great team and business owners who encourage further education and training, who allow us to go out and do wonderful things in our communities.  It can be tough at times but when you are surround by a great team who support you what more could you ask for.


What advice would you give to people looking to have a career in landscape / ecology / arboriculture?

Take every opportunity given to you especially in work experience.  Show them the best that you can be and leave a good first impression, they may not have a role for you straight away but when they do they will remember what a good job you did when you were assisting and may offer you the position.  

Always continue to develop your skills and learning experiences, not only do you learn from tutors but you also learn from those around you who share their experiences in the working environment I found this very useful when I was undertaking various diploma courses over the years.



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