Nathan Jenkinson



What discipline do you work in?



How long have you been at the London office?

18 months!


What do you love about working in London?

Working in London is great because there are a lot of like-minded people in our industry within a couple of square miles of one another, which means meeting new and existing clients is always interesting!

Tell us about your office

The office itself is a vibrant place to work, with a team that aims to inspire confidence and creativity, and making every day unique! The office is located in an ideal spot, 4 minutes from Waterloo Station and 5 minutes from Southwark. This means it’s just a short walk from the lively Southbank, and an even short walk to some of the great food spots south of the river including Mercato Metrapolitano and our favourite for breakfast, Terry’s.


What makes your office different to the others?

TG London stands out from the other offices through its highly outgoing culture, whether that be going out for lunch as a team, meeting at our favourite local (The Ring) as a team or hosting a brewery tour as a team!


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