As part of our culture at Tyler Grange, we think it is important to be involved with our local communities, as well as charities and professional bodies. 


This is not a meaningless corporate slogan but a practical initiative to make our company better and a better place to work. All our teams are given a day a month paid by TG to get involved in a local initiative or charity. We think this helps our team to improve by diversifying their experiences, making them happier and improving their working environment. Since our formation hundreds of working days have been given by our team, teaching in schools, restoring habitats, working with charities, sitting on committees and making sure Tyler Grange has a positive impact.  Tyler Grange also provides financial support to many local groups, from local sports clubs, to conservation and cancer charities.


We are also actively involved with our professional bodies, recognising the importance of improving our service and responding to what is a dynamic industry. As part of our community involvements, several of our team members are actively involved with our specialist institutes, promoting good practice.



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