SCHEME / LOCATION: Cwmgwili, Carmarthenshire







Solar Array and Pyrolysis Plant,

Cwmgwili, Carmarthenshire


An ecological assessment and chapter in an Environmental Statement was undertaken by Tyler

Grange in respect of an application for a solar array and pyrolysis plant at land in Cwmgwili.


Detailed surveys of the site, a former, uncapped landfill, confirmed that significant ecological issues existed including: a diverse mosaic of habitats, many of the UK priority species; dormouse; badger; common lizard; grass snake; slow worm; priority bird species; and bats.


Probably the most notable issue was the regionally important assemblage of invertebrates including dingy skipper butterfly and blue-tailed damsel-fly. In the absence of intervention the site would have reduced in value. The development therefore presented an opportunity to safeguard the site’s valuable resources.


A strategy was devised whereby the ecological resources were either retained or recreated through habitat creation and appropriate aftercare. An assessment of the potential for air quality effects on the nearby protected sites was also undertaken in conjunction with the air quality specialists on the project team.


The strategy was agreed with Natural Resources Wales and the ecologist for Carmarthen Council.

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