Name: Charlotte Eva


What discipline do you work in?



What is your role at the company?

Senior Ecologist


What position did you start at?

Consultant Ecologist


How long have you worked for TG?

Nearly three years.


Have you always known this is what you wanted to do?

I have always had a passion for wildlife and enjoy spending time outdoors. Following on from my degree course I took a number of roles with nature conservation charities before starting my career as a consultant ecologist. Having the opportunity to work in a role that combined these passions and enabled me to have a positive influence on the design of development proposals to ensure a positive outcome for biodiversity was a massive draw for me.  


What education / courses / training have you undertaken to get where you are now?


  • I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Aberystwyth.

  • Attending internal (within work) and external (external course providers) courses on;

    • -protected species identification, handling, ecology, mitigation and legislation

    • -wildlife law

    • -Phase 1 habitat surveys, vascular plant identification & hedgerow assessments  

  • By attending courses and through continuous training with employers and other organisations (local bat groups) I have been able to obtain Natural England Class Licences for Great Crested Newt (Level 1) and Bats (Level 2)

  • Bird Ringing:

    • -Training

    • -Assisting with research projects for the RSPB, the University of Birmingham & CES      schemes for the BTO

    • -Owl and raptor conservation projects

  • Volunteer surveys:

    • -Breeding Bird Surveys (BBS) and Wetland Bird Surveys (WeBs)  with the BTO

    • -Hazel Dormouse monitoring

  • CPD: I keep up to date with relevant legislation, current guidelines and research.


What do you enjoy most about working for TG?

Since working as a consultant ecologist for Tyler Grange I have had the opportunity to work on a number of large and interesting  projects. Tyler Grange is a fantastic company to work for. The team is friendly, approachable and supportive, and being able to draw upon the knowledge and experience of more senior members of the ecology team has helped be to learn and develop within my own role.


What advice would you give to people looking to have a career in landscape / ecology / arboriculture?

There are numerous degree courses available which would provide a good base from which to start. Any biology/environmental/conservation degrees would all be helpful, although there are also a number of degree courses and degree pathways which are now accredited by CIEEM.


I would encourage anyone looking to start a career in ecology to take part in as many training courses as possible (Protected species, plant and habitat id will be particularly useful). There are often fees required for many courses, however there are volunteering opportunities available with a number of organisations; many of which will provide you with free or cheaper training opportunities. I would recommend joining your local bat group, mammal group and the BTO as there are often volunteer surveys and local events to get involved with.  



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