SCHEME / LOCATION: Bretteville Close, Chagford, Devon 


CLIENT: Blue Cedar Homes Limited


TG SERVICES: Landscape


PARTNERS / OTHER CONSULTANTS INVOLVED: Aspect Tree Consultancy; SLR (Ecology); Grainge Architects


Bretteville Close, 

Chagford, Devon


The Blue Cedar Homes Limited (BCH) development proposal sought to provide 15 retirement dwellings with associated infrastructure and landscaping immediately abutting the settlement of Chagford. This proposal is part of a wider development jointly promoted with C G Fry & Son Limited which lies within the allocation Proposal CHG2 of the Development Management and Delivery DPD (The ‘DMD’). The proposals for the wider site area, including the application site, were developed following extensive consultation with the local community and relevant stakeholders through the Enquiry by Design process, supported by the Princes Trust Foundation. 


The site is in a sensitive location situated within the Dartmoor National Park and contains a mature willow, protected by a Tree Protection Order. Tyler Grange was appointed to assist with the Enquiry by Design process and design evolution for the wider site area and we subsequently produced the Soft Landscape Proposals and the Landscape and Visual Assessment for the BCH site. 


Due to the type of development proposed, the Soft Landscape Proposals were designed to provide year-round colour, scent and interest whilst retaining Chagfords character and identity. 


Following the submission of a full planning application, Dartmoor National Park Authority granted conditional planning permission on the 5th March 2015. 




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