Delivering Biodiversity Net Gain in the South West

A seminar for Planners and Developers

9.30am - 12.30pm 16th May, We The Curious, Bristol.

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Carly is Partner at Tyler Grange, heading up the head office in the Cotswolds. She is an experienced ecological consultant with over 12 years experience in the the planning sector.


Carly began her career in consultancy at Waterman Group before moving to the newly formed Tyler Grange in 2010 as the first ecology employee in the business . 


She has since helped to build a thriving ecology team in the south west and develop a broad client base from small single dwelling sites through to large urban expansions along with renewable, retail and commercial development sites. 


Carly has a young family and relishes in the challenge of being a working mum!

Partner, Tyler Grange

Carly Goodman-Smith

Carly will be providing an introduction to

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) as a concept,

and the policy and political drivers for BNG.


She will discuss how BNG is measured, how it 

might be delivered on site, offsite and through

tariffs and will also discuss the shortfalls in

current guidance and the relevance  and importance

of the upcoming Environment Bill to BNG.

alan pearce profile.jpg

Alan is a chartered Town Planning Director with over 20 years private sector experience. He heads the newly established Lambert Smith Hampton Planning and Development team for the South West and Wales.


His planning career started at architectural firm Stride Treglown where he worked on exciting MoD projects and with Cardiff Bay Development Corporation. He then moved to RPS Planning Transport & Environment where he worked on urban regeneration and greenfield development projects for SWRDA, BCC, Clarks, Police Authorities and national house builders.


For the previous 12 years Alan was a leading Planning Partner at Alder King where he expanded their planning function and provided advice to National Composite Centre, NHS, landowners and promoters, councils, education establishments, house builders, student operators, and the National Trust. 


Alan has 4 young daughters and therefore really enjoys Tyler Grange Ales!

Director of Planning and Development for the South West, Lambert Smith Hampton

Alan Pearce

Alan will provide an overview of the

emerging planning policies in the region

from a Biodiversity perspective.


This will include consideration of the emerging

JSP policy which will be at examination in the

Summer, the Bristol Local Plan Review, which is

currently out to consultation, and policies from

neighbouring authorities. 


Alan will identify these policies and compare the approach taken and highlight the implications for development in the region.  

Guy Thompson bw.jpg

Guy Thompson is Managing Director of EnTrade, a dynamic new business focused on creating markets in collaboration with the beneficiaries and suppliers of environmental services from land.

He was previously Chief Operating Officer and a founding Executive Director of Natural England, the government’s expert adviser on the natural environment. Before that, he was Director of Green Alliance, a leading UK think tank known for achieving ambitious leadership for the environment.

A seasoned operational and strategic leader, Guy has a reputation as a progressive voice for the environment at the highest levels of government and business in the UK. He has worked closely with progressive businesses throughout his career, and is convinced there is a compelling business case for the built infrastructure industries to innovate to deliver a better environment for people

Managing Director, EnTrade

Guy Thompson

Natural capital is at the forefront of

public policy for the environment, not

least the Government’s 25 Year Environment

Plan and the Environment Bill. 


The big question though is how we can secure the

additional private investment in the environment

needed to achieve the government’s vision to improve

the environment within a generation? 


Biodiversity Net Gain promises to be a significant opportunity to provide more certainty to developers and accelerate the growth of vital natural capital stocks in landscapes.  But how can we bring this about without significant reforms to

spatial planning?  Guy will argue that a market-led

approach could be part of the solution, utilising

mechanisms like EnTrade to expose the cost and

opportunity of environmental growth and remove

a lot of the overheads and uncertainty

associated with traditional methods of

environmental mitigation.

Join us!


9.30am - Breakfast roll & networking

10.00am - Carly Goodman-Smith

10.30am - Alan Pearce

11.00am - Coffee break

11.30am - Guy Thompson

12.00pm - Panel Q&A

12.30pm - Close.


We The Curious, BS1 5BD.

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To request a place, please email with any dietary requirements.

We look forward to seeing you.

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