SCHEME / LOCATION: Isle of Sheppey, Kent




TG SERVICES: Landscape and Ecology


PARTNERS / OTHER CONSULTANTS INVOLVED: HOW Planning; DSP Architects; Remarkable Group; Craddy Pitchers Davidson, Connect-Consultants; RHDHV environment;  CGMS


ALDI Distribution Warehouse,

Isle of Sheppey


The Aldi distribution site occupies 20 hectares of former marshlands on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. The

site lies within an identified employment area and is located adjacent to a European statutory designated wildlife site, Medway Estuary and Marshes Special Protection Area (SPA). The design of the scheme was driven by the proximity of the adjacent wildlife site and the presence of various protected and notable flora and fauna species that were identified during specific survey work.


Tyler Grange worked closely with a range of different agencies, such as Natural England and Butterfly Conservation, as well as the client, planners, design team and contractors to ensure appropriate mitigation could be incorporated into the design of the masterplan without losing any necessary developable area. Due to the particularly rare nature of some of the species recorded, novel and creative approaches were

required utilising mitigation methodologies not previously attempted in U.K. to ensure that the development could proceed within the necessary timescales. This included the translocation of rare plants (narrow-leaved water dropwort and annual beard-grass) and a moth species (fiery-clearwing moth) to pre-prepared locations within the site where specialist drainage solutions had been created; the translocation of water voles and reptiles from the site; and implementing measures to avoid impacts to breeding birds

and the adjacent European wildlife site.


To ensure that the mitigation measures completed are successful in the long-term, Tyler Grange completed a management plan for the site, which has been agreed with the local authority and which requires ongoing involvement of Butterfly Conservation and a commitment from Aldi to aftercare and monitoring.


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